Back up the Captain

Well, I’m a lucky lady. I’m heading back up El Capitan for a second route in a week. Last week Lorna and Emily and I spent three days freeclimbing what we could and hauling our kit-and-kaboodle up a route called ‘Lurking Fear.’ We worked ourselves with some slabby hauling and splittler and properly slippery climbing. We had a great time in the process. A good thing!!–as we are about to spend 5 weeks together driving up to the Cirque of the Unclimbables and hopefully doing the un-doable…. Anyway check out our trip as we try to share it as best we can through our new blog. And bear with us, as we learn the ropes of blogging and how to link and display things effectively .

Kate Rutherford and I are heading up the middle of El Capitain at 5 am tomorrow to try and freeclimb ‘FreeRider’ over the next 5 days. We hope to be ‘back to grass’ (as the tin miners of Cornwall say) on Friday. Wish us luck!

Considering the rack (that Kat and has so neatly laid out) and the kit (that I've toss around in piles on the ground behind me) for Freerider.


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