“Come on you B*&tch, Get Up That Slope!”

Here’s a clip from Emily and I climbing on the Southern Arete of the 2000′ Painted Wall. It’s in the Black Canyon, near Gunnison, Colorado. And the film is brought to you by Blinding Speed Productions!

Southern Arete Sunshine Climbing from Madaleine Sorkin on Vimeo.

I was talking on the phone with my Grandma, while driving (sorry) to the Black Canyon the other day. She began to advise me to have fun and not do anything she wouldn’t do. Then she corrected herself, recognizing that she doesn’t rock climb. I responded sentimentally, saying that she was always with me when I climbed. True to form, she responded, “Right, I’m saying ‘Come on you old bitch, get up that slope!”

I love you Grandma. And my other Grandma for that matter. Thanks for continuing to share your spirits and humor with me. And Gma, next visit I will be bringing a better dictophone to record all your North England adages, and whatever other sayings you seem to use now.

So I made it to the Black Canyon two weekends in a row. Emily Stifler and I picked our way up the Southern Arete of the 2000’ Painted wall on an especially hot day, and suffered from the effects of dehydration for at least two days. Last weekend, Bean Bowers and I climbed a Topher Donahue/Jared Ogden route ‘Shadowboxing’ on my favorite known part of the south side of the canyon. The climb was created a little too spicy for me, with a long run-out in the difficult climbing and one single-bolt anchor that pissed me off. The difficult climbing is on really good rock and overall I was impressed. I struggled with feeling a bit off my mark in some heads-up climbing that day.


One thought on ““Come on you B*&tch, Get Up That Slope!”

  1. Hi Madaleine, does your grandmother really call you an old bitch? She must be younger than me, and I can still climb somewhat, so I suggest you take her on a good grandma grade rock route rather soon! My congratulations also for Proboscis and your other great ascents this summer. With love, Frank from England.

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