Get Inspired.

While time is always taken for tea, Keralans can really pack a lot into a single day and will expect you to do the same!

And so, we experienced a full and inspiring day. We traveled to a newer Laurie Baker Center and learned design principles and the construction technologies in greater depth. The buildings are so comfortable and each a unique shape, fit specially to the site. We visited a paper-making cooperative of SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association), watched a deep purple paper pulp churn, and bought many cards and beautiful paper goods. I wore my head cam and if I communicated nothing else, I definitely made the women laugh. Finally, we travelled to a new school that Costford designed and built. The talk given by a founder of this school, IISE (International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs, blew my mind, and again thankful I was wearing a camera on my head. Check this organization out, each year they train a cohort of people who have been through adversity to begin the organization/company that he or she wants. Student are from all over the world and about half are blind. Paul reminded us of two essentials in his speech: 1) You can’t be anyone else but you. 2) Always ask what can I do (not what can’t I do).


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