Ah, there is so much space for the pedestrian to exist here. I love the Boulder bubble.

Back in winter. Enjoying being a pedestrian in Boulder.

I was listening to an ‘eco-artist’ on the public radio this morning and I like her definition of “a local.” Someone who gives more than takes from her community. And she continued, “If you know the history, ecology and people, you have a far better chance of affecting what happens in that place.”

School is beginning in full swing and I moved into a new place on Tuesday night. So, I will probably be neglecting this blog again. Matt and I christened our new roommate relationship with a bit of Glenlivet whiskey I bought in London’s duty free. Lizzy is psyched that my house has mice as that means we are getting a cat! Lizzy may be the official owner though, as Matt and I share a similar trait and neither of us I are comfortable with such a commitment.


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