WIN-WIN?? Indian Creek and Ranch-bred Conservation

Heidi Redd is my hero. And I want to marry a cowgirl (that is, I am admitting I don’t want to do all the work but would live on the ranch and go climb on the red buttes of Indian Creek while my sweet rounds up the cattle). This logical partnership between Heidi Redd’s Dugout Ranch and the Nature Conservancy is such good news! I wonder what ways ranchers in this desert climate be able to adapt to the changing climate. Grasses are beginning to die from higher temps. I want to read more about the work generated from the science research center being constructed at the Dugout. I’m so thankful a developer didn’t get a chance to build private residences on this beautiful land. I wonder if this deal will be perceived as an innovative win-win solution for ranchers, conservations, and others (like climbers! and recreationists) for years ahead. Read a great article through the Nature Conservancy.

And Happy Valentine Day. I’ve dragged my pink couch up to the fireplace and am sufficiently spent this evening. Computer work is draining. Lizzy inspired me to finally burn some of the wood Tom and I split the other day. She and I enjoyed the fireplace for the first time and made a YUM dinner of winter veg from the Frog Belly Farm. Yes, organic, local (and small) farm produce is noticeably flavorful after I’ve been eating a lot of store bought foods. And I found a worm in my salad–still busy adding to the flavor.


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