Gunks and Thanks Evolve

Evolve shoes has really helped make Lizzy and my slideshow/fundraiser tour a success, donating free shoes to every show! In need of a respite from travel, Lizzy and I stayed in the Gunks for a week, enjoying the summer swimming holes and climbing into the dark as much as possible. I guess I couldn’t get enough. With hero roofs and interesting gear, every grade is fun up through 5.12.

My sweet friends Andy Nueman and Alex Lowther made it out to the Gunks for my show and a climbing weekend. As predictable, I had Andy roping up for another route at dusk and while he whined a bit, 200 ft off the ground in the dark, traversing a slippery 5.11 I think we had a fun, safe time. Right Andy? Expectant friends at Andrew’s bbq were mildly concerned by our absence, but Lizzy knew what was up as I’d pulled the same move on her the day before. In the words of Andrew, my climbing zeal is “like a dog with eight dicks.” Hmmm. That’s a first.


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