Cataluyna: love at first sight

Its 10 at night and Im sitting in cafe. Okay it’s a restaurant. But it’s Spain and cafe sounds better. Jesse and i just stuffed our faces after our 3rd climbing day. Best food yet. White asparagus with ham. Chicken soup. Salad. Chocolate mouse. I can’t undertstand Catalan to save my life.

On thursday, we arrived Barcelona and explored a beautiful city as much as we could for one day and in the fog of jetlagg. We walked. Through the parque buell, taking in gaudi architecture, to the sagrada familia church. Through a series of subway mishaps Jesse lost lots of money and I tried not to laugh at his poor luck. He has since gotten his chance to laugh as I forgot my climbing pants and impulsively bought some overpriced European pants. The pants seduced me with their very euro knee and butt patches and closefit (that I thought I though Lizzy would finally approve of). BIG mistake. They have stolen my power to high step and bridge and hence are now my kryptonite. I still think they look good but their days are numbered (photo to come).

As we arrived armed only with the general areas that we wanted to climb, i knew much of the happenings on this trip would inevitably be unexpected. Everything is working out splendidly so far and I’m pleased with our ability to free form and attract good things. More to come.








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